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I have recently decided to build a desktop since laptops cost around double the price of a similar spec'd rig, but I guess thats obvious.
After checking parts and looking around I came up with the plan to get the following:

1. OCZ StealthXStream 500W Power Supply - 29.99$ (71$ - 30MIR + 10IR)

2. Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P Socket AM3 - 79.99$ (10 IR)

3. AMD Phenom II X2 550 or a AMD Phenom II X3 720 - (130$ to 170$)

4. BFG GeForce GTS 250 - (125$)

(Prices are approximate and RAM was not included since that seemed meager at the moment, but I will get the RAM.)

But after checking a few reviews on the motherboard, I realized that it has a 8 PIN CPU Connector while the OCZ Power supply states that it only has a 4 PIN CPU Connection. My question is whether or not I would require a completely different power supply for the motherboard cpu connector? Also any suggestions on similar Intel builds or edits on the build would be appreciated .

Thanks, GoldenDrago.
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  1. Use the 4 pin PSU connector. You will be fine.
  2. There is a molex adapter you can get the 8 pin you require, but in my opinion, I never trust adapters.
    My recommendation is to get another psu that has the 8 pin cpu power cord.
    I believe they are called eps 12v or something like that.
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