Setup a pc under 900 $

Hi Guys !

I am looking to assemble a pc with an approx budget of $ 900( includes monitor as well)

I'll be using the pc for running mostly power apps like Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and rendering video with Adobe Premiere.

Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and at least 2 browsers (Firefox/I.E) will be running simultaneously.

Well, here's the deal, I don't know what's the best motherboard to hook a C2Q 9550 or some other processor onto. If you could suggest to me a good board/processor combo,would appreciate....

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  1. All prices

    q8400 Intel cpu: $159.99 (48 hour sale) with free shipping
    Rosewill R222 black atx case $24.99 with free shipping (48 hr sale)
    OCZ stealthstream 500w power supply $29.99 after rebate shipped (48 hr sale)
    Crucial DDR2 1066 $55.99 (48 hr sale)
    Asus VW246H 24 inch monitor $199.99 (48 hr sale)
    Foxconn ELA p45 motherboard $49.99 after rebate plus shipping (about $8)
    Asus EN9600GSO 512mb pci-e card $34.99 after rebate plus shipping (about $9)
    LG DVD burner GH22NS50 $24.99 with free shipping
    Rosewill RCR-IM5001 Card Reader $19.99 with free shipping
    Windows Vista 64 bit home premium with free windows 7 upgrade coupon $109.99

    Total: about $728 after rebates

    The link to the 48 hour sale is at
  2. Hey thanks Man...

    Here's the little spoiler. I am not in the states right now.. I am in India... not sure if newegg would deliver that far and even if they did, shipping charges would be a killer, i guess ! :(
  3. Well if you have a processor in mind, just find a mobo with that socket. I believe the one you said originally is socket 775, but not sure. Btw, Asus is a very reliable company for motherboards.
  4. Thanks for the reply..
    All of a sudden , I have taken a different course. I am going for the Phenom ii 940 be with surely an ASUS mobo...
    It's a lot cheaper route with almost the same performance !
    Question now is which model will it be for under 200 $ !
  5. Phenom II is much better. I suggest even 955.
  6. I think i'll agree with that...but i'll just get the 940... what's a good mobo from asus to go with that under 200 $ ?
  7. The difference between 940 and 955 is just $20 and you get a better cpu and unlocked.
  8. If possible for a future upgrade path you should invest in an AM3 motherboard and cpu.

    The 770 chipset has a single x16 PCIe Gen2 slot and no integrated graphics. The 780g/785g chipsets have a single x16 PCIe Gen2 slot and integrated graphics (most with eSATA and firewire). The 790gx chipset has 2 x x16 PCIe Gen2 slots (which will run x8x8 in CrossFire) and integrated graphics - most with firewire. Gigabyte has a 790x version with no integrated graphics that's FTW.

    And finally the 790fx chipset generally has 4 x PCIe Gen2 slots (which will run x16x16 or x8x8x8x8 in CrossFire setups) and no integrated graphics. Most have firewire and eSATA (I believe a Foxconn model has 2 x eSATA ports). Gigabyte has a model with an extra controller chip onboard for 10 x SATA and 12 x USB.

    Popular combinations would be with the Phenom 550BE, 720BE, 810, 945 or the 955 listed above.
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