Blue screens after playing videos full screen with Radeon HD 4830

I recently upgraded from a Geforce 8600GT to a Radeon HD 4830. With the Geforce I never had any problems, but now every time I play a video full screen in Windows Media Player, then switch back to the desktop, the screen freezes for about 30 seconds, and about 1 in 5 times it doesn't recover, it goes to a blue screen of death.

It has no problem playing games full screen and quickly recovers to the desktop when I exit them.

My theory was that my power supply wasn't enough to handle the new card, however I would think that if that were the case I would be seeing blue screens in games when the system is stressed out, but I'm not seeing any problems even running games at max settings.

I am using the latest motherboard bios and drivers and likewise for sound and video drivers.

My system is as follows

Athlon 64 X2 5200 (65nm Windsor)
Gigabyte board with PCIe X16 and latest BIOS
2x 2GB Kingston DDR2@800mhz (4g total)
500GB Seagate SATA HDD running Vista
1.5TB Seagate HDD as file storage
Dual 47" LCD HDTVs as monitors

I do not have service pack 1, but I didn't have blue screens before and didn't have SP1 then either.
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  1. Whats your PSU unit?

    Is your computer overclocked?

    My hunches are either the PSU can't take it. Or your computer is overclock, along with the PCI-E speed, making the video card unstable.
  2. Ran Driver Cleaner Pro and removed my old Nvidia drivers, no change.

    I have a 400w Huntkey power supply that has two PCIe connectors, so it was obviously made with SLI in mind, and I'm only using 1. I know 400w is on the low side, but Antec's power requirement calculator on their website says my system only needs about 300 watts. The way I understand it the way power supplys are named, 400 watts is the minimum mine can reliably sustain.

    I'll try unplugging my optical drive and second hard drive, but something still bugs me. If it's a lack of power, why doesn't it crash when I'm pushing it to the max in games?
  3. Well, my computer just ran fine for almost 20 straight days without restarting or crashing. I used Media Player Classic instead of Windows Media player and had no problems until without thinking I opened a movie with Media Player. It played fine, but as soon as it was over and exited full screen --- hello blue screen.

    So... it would seem that my problem is something that's only affecting media player, and it doesn't appear to be a hardware issue, which is a relief.
  4. im also using AMD Athlon X2 5200... but im using Ati Radeon HD 3650...
    we have the same problem about using Media Player, about the screen freeze or blue screen after watching a movie
    and i think my prob now is now bigger...
    i can't play some of my online game, every time i open the game...
    my pc go blue screen in an instant
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