Whats the deal with a card vs a sata cable ???

Is there issues with the card for installation or upgrade configuration?

How hard to move my OS to it ?
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  1. You will need a motherboard that can boot to a PCI device (the RevoDrive). Not all motherboards can... PCIe based solid state storage will be faster than a SATA SSD (typically). For comparison...

    RevoDrive X2 100GB
    Sequential Access - Read:up to 740MB/s
    Sequential Access - Write:up to 690MB/s
    Power Consumption (Active):8.3W
    Power Consumption (Idle):4.3W

    OCZ Agility 2 90GB (this is a good SATA SSD)
    Sequential Access - Read:up to 285MB/s
    Sequential Access - Write:up to 275MB/s
    Power Consumption (Active):2W
    Power Consumption (Idle):0.5W

    You will need to reinstall your OS on the new drive and move any files manually.

    Be sure you are buying the RevoDrive X2 instead of the original (non X2) for better speeds.
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