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Hey, I am wanting to do a CPU upgrade and was wondering what was the best. I have a E4400 right now so its really holding me back in my system. I have an Asus P5Q Pro, ATI 4850, 4gb DDR2. I was wondering if I should go for a Q8400, or stay with the dual core E8400. Which overclocks better and what heatsink would you recommend for overclocking. I play a lot of games so I want something that performs well. My next upgrade will be a second 4850 to keep my system up to date.

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  1. E8400 Hands down for Gaming, it will OC to 3.6 without doing anything but increasing the FSB to 400, also, that Q8200 will NOT OC well and is slower to begin with. the E8400 will provide the best results for crossfire as well.
  2. Thats what I was thinking. Is there a good heatsink that's under $40?
  3. Dont waste your money on a Q8200, the E8400 will give you all the power you need specially when overclocked....

    As far as heatsinks you can look at these :

  4. OvrClkr is right, that is a decent heatsink/Fan, it works great...
  5. The q8400 and e8400 are a closer price point. I think you realized that when you put e8200 in the title and q8400 in the OP.

    The e8400 is great but I'd jump on the q8400 just to be contrary. Anand got the q8400 to 3.1GHz on stock volts and that should be more than enough jam to feed dual vid cards ...
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