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OCining Intel E2200 on biostar gf7050v-m7 mbo

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February 18, 2011 6:29:31 PM

Hello , im new here but would like to ask if anyone can help out with OC,i have tryed myself but have some problems and would appreciate if someone can help

My setup

mbo - biostar gf7050v-m7
ram - 2x2 gb PQ (PC2-6400)
cpu - intel e2200 @ 2.75ghz (249x11)

Im getting pretty confused with my options in bios , section performance booster >

Current CPU Freq, MHZ Setting 2750.0 Current value 2750.0
FSB - Memory Clock Mod - Unlinked
FSB - Memory Ratio - Auto [ LOCKED]
FSB (QDR), MHz - Auto - 1000
Mem (DDR), Mhz - Auto - 800.0

Memory Timing Setting - Optimal
CPU Clock Ratio Unlock - Enabled
CPU Clock Ratio - 11 x
CPU Voltage - 102%
DDR Voltage - 1.85V
NB Voltage - 100%
VTT Voltage - 100%

The biggest oc i have achieved was 300x10 but it was not stable , i increased cpu voltage to 104% but still was the same..with ratio 11x if i oc from 2.75 to 2.80 and above my os wont boot , picture freezes at boot screen..can someone help out cause im pretty confused with these settings..
ps. i have read al the tutorials about c2d CPUs..


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February 20, 2011 2:50:55 AM

Hello, and welcome to THG.

First, i need you to dump your CMOS settings. Shut down your computer and open up your case. Touch the case continuously. Look for a little plastic top like this one:

Them switch it over for about 10 seconds. Put it back into position and re-enter BIOS. Post your clean setting back and post back to get further directions.
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February 20, 2011 3:06:11 AM

I see your problem it is your RAM. You may be overclocking your RAM too high if you can unlock the mem ratio and run it 1:1. If your ram can't handle the extra speed then it will not matter how much voltage you feed your chip it will never be stable.

Your motherboard is Nvidia chipset and are really bad at overclocking you will not get much more then 400MHz stable overclock out of it.
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February 20, 2011 4:02:10 PM

Current CPU Freq, MHZ Setting 2220.0 Current value 2220.0
FSB - Memory Clock Mod - Auto
FSB - Memory Ratio - Auto
FSB (QDR), MHz - Auto - 800.0
Mem (DDR), Mhz - Auto - 800.0

Memory Timing Setting - Optimal
CPU Clock Ratio Unlock - Disabled
CPU Clock Ratio - 11 x
CPU Voltage - 100%
DDR Voltage - 1.85V
NB Voltage - 100%
VTT Voltage - 100%

Under the FSB - memory clock mod i have 3 options - linked , unlinked ,auto
Fsb - memory ratio - 1:1 , 3:2 , 5:4

Last 6 month its working on 2.75ghz stable but i would like to oc on about 3.0ghz if
Ty for helping out

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February 20, 2011 5:23:15 PM

Set it to 1:1 as SAAIELLO said.
February 24, 2011 2:17:22 PM

tried with 1:1 , 10x300 not stable , crashes in orthos small test...anything more than 2.75 gives crashes..i decided to quit the oc until i buy new mbo+cpu...which intel cpu and mbo from 775socket (e6500 or something) and intel chipset based mbo is good for ocing ?
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February 24, 2011 9:24:57 PM

Try going for 1155 when it comes back out and get an i7 2XXX chip along side it.