One stick of ram not being recognized

I have a custom built pc with 2 sticks of 1GB AData ram. I have not had any problems until recently when i got a windows BsOd. Now, windows XP is only detecting 1 gb of ram. The same holds true for the post bios and the performance tab in task manager. I have used both sticks in both slots and it always detects one stick. I have used each stick individually and both of them work. I have an Asus M2A-VM motherboard. Can somebody tell me what i could do to fix this? thank you.
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  1. What does the bios say, what settings are being used by autodetect. Do they match the specifications for the ram chips, voltage, clock, ras etc,. Have you reset bios to optimized defaults. You might check the bios one chip at a time, then both together. What are the spec's for you AData chips, from what I've seen many are ras 6.
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