Twin Core i7 or Core i5 Motherboards.

Considering how Macs just got Core i7 or Core i5, I was wondering if PC motherboard makers were looking to come out with or have come out motherboard chipsets that supports TWO Core i7 or Two Core i5's. A twin Core i7 would probably blow a Mac clear out of the water. Would be cool if we had that. Maybe a dumb question, but I'd love to know. Thanks in advance for the answers.
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  1. Yeah, they are called server boards, and you will only find dual processors in Mac Pro's which starts at the meager price of 2500 for 1 processor system.
  2. Newegg has a couple of motherboards at:

    You can't buy standard Core i7 processors though. You'll need the "Xeon" processors. You can find the Core i7 ones at:

    Avoid the 550X series as they don't have HyperThreading. If you are looking to build a gaming PC, these probably aren't a good idea (You are probably better off with a desktop core i7). Also make sure you get the right RAM for these. Be aware if you only buy a single processor that you can only fill half the RAM slots.

    Make sure you do your homework (With Motherboard Factors, Power Supplies, Audio), or you will get burned.
  3. Appreciate the advice from all. Thanks so much.
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