How to OC my ram? thats my cpu-z

my rams are currently running at 1333mhz and they suppose to run at 1600mhz. This is a small issue with A-data not my computer or current ram itself.

i send them an email so they could walk me thru on ocing my ram and they replied with the obvious telling me the

frequency 1600mhz
latency CL9-9-9-24
voltage 1.55v-1.75v

i know how to set all 3. im just worried as to how my cpu will react my current voltage is at 1.50 and i have the same latency required. What kinda test/benchmarks should i be running after the oc.

and also if you could also help me figure out how to oc my cpu. they run hottest at 51c that i seen so far. I have liquid cooling how would i know how well my liquid cooling is performing and when i will need to replace the liquid in it?

i know a little about cpu's im just scared as hell to mess with the bios settings.

any suggestions to programs to dl to check/test my system would be great ty.
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  1. Memtest86 is a good memory testing program and Prime95 can be used to test CPU stability. OCCT and IntelBurnTest are other CPU testing programs available.
  2. thanks
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