EP45-DQ6 fried?

I was installing a thermalright ultra 120 on my giga ep45-dq6 but it would fail post everytime and I can only think it was because it was shorting out somewhere. I reinstalled the stock intel cooler and straight away it posts again but now hangs.

With the old stock cooler on, it may post but it fails to detect any hard drive (ide) I even attached a couple of old hard drives & changed the cable and still nothing.

It says Verifying DMI pool data Boot from CD/DVD then DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK... So I insert the xp disk and eventually it says no hard drive was detected.

I've only got a single ide hard drive attached, theres no jumper settings as its the only HDD, its set as the primary boot device and is set to auto-detect.

In the end only 2 things were changed, there was a new cooler attached and then the old 1 put on and the cmos was reset. Before all this the system was all working fine which is why I think I fried my mobo, only thing left I can think of. I havn't flashed BIOS yet but I don't think it will change anything. Any
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  1. Boot problems

    I think that if you are POSTing, your motherboard is OK.
  2. Thankyou for your quick reply
    I reset CMOS again and realised the POST is failing. It says 'Wait Smart Backup Hard Drives Ready' then changes screen and says 'CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded' and POST error occurs and asks to select the last good defaults pretty much. Also, could just be stupid me but the gpu (xfx4890) is really heating up. Becomes almost untouchable within 2min, I know power is getting to it but that amount of heat generated in start up while idle? IDK, couldn't that only be from a fault in the mobo?

    BTW main specs are
    Gigabyte EP45-DQ6
    Intel Q6600
    DDR2x2Gb kingston 1066
    XFX 4890
    WD 500 IDE
  3. I also checked your very througher quide (cheers) and mine all passes apart from the standoffs but that hes never been a problem in the past.
  4. Do you mean you don't have standoffs installed between the motherboard and case? Those standoffs are absolutely necessary to avoid a short between the motherboard and case.
  5. No I mean I've tested the system outside of the case over a plastic backing and the results are the same.
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