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My dad has an old Dell Dimension 8250 that he bought in 2002. It currently has a Seagate Ultra ATA hard drive, and I wanted to upgrade him to a SSD (which all seem to be SATA II). I just wanted to know if a SATA II SSD would be compatible with his system.
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  1. (1) Verify he has a SATA port. (Can just look at mb/hdd - pata uses the wide ribbion data cable.)
    (2) If you have a SATA port and it is SATA 1 an SSD would be handicaped, so migh not make much sense - If later plan on upgrading the computer then the SSD could be moved over to the new computer.
    (3) They do make Pata versions, but they tend to be more expensive and smaller in size.

    Just looked at specs - he has PATA ATA 66/ATA100. Might find a PCI (NOT PCI-e) card that provides SATA ports, Not PCI is limited to 33 MHz so may also cripple SSD.
  2. a modern HDD drive comes close to maxing out the bandwidth of ide and pci buses. Theres no real point in installing an ssd in those systems. $200 is better spent on upgrading that system first.
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