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If I switch from ide to sata burner what settings do I use in the bios?Do I just disable the ide and enable the sata port the burner is connected to?Do I have to adjust the boot order or will it be alright the way it is.Hard drive in sata port 1 and burner in sata port 2.Thanks
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    Answer 1) Just plug it in.

    Answer 2) Just plug it in. You can disable the IDE controller in the BIOS at a later time - I suppose it might save a bit of eletricity. What OS are you using? Did you install the OS with the BIOS set to AHCI or IDE-emulation for the disk drives?


  2. using windows 7 rc.I did not touch the bios settings.It's an ECS g43t-m running 32 bit mode.Im pretty new at this so am not even sure what the difference in the two settings you suggested would be
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