I7 950 temps?

Build Specs:
Cosmos S
X58 Sabertooth MB
Intel i7 950
Coolit Vantage ALC
Nvidia GTX 570
OCZ reaper 3x4 12 GB DDR3
Corsair 850W PSU

Hey guys its been about a month since i built my computer but recently and I have been noticing some dramatic changes in my CPU temps. My Vantage ALC was able to maintain about 85F on idle and maxed out about 97F playing games on all max settings. Yet recently its been idling at around 91F and maxing out at around 105F. Im not sure why this is happening, i have a push/pull configuration and my cable management is pretty good, along with an aftermarket watercooler. I thought the temperatures were reading wrong on my cooler so i installed real temp and it was idling at around 42C. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Could be an air bubble in the thermal paste has developed.
    If you have HWmonitor installed, it will give you a reading on the individual cores and if there is much variance I would pul the cooler and reapply a VERY thin layer of paste.
  2. i used the grain or rice method when i applied the thermal paste, should i try reapplying it using the vertical line method?
  3. Core #0 42C
    Core# 1 39C
    Core# 2 42C
    Core# 3 39C

    both cores 1 and 3 go back and forth from 39 to 40 think i should strip the cooler and reapply the thermalpaste?
  4. Not yet. Other thoughts:
    Is it really dusty in your place? I mean, it's unlikely that a cooler will become clogged-up so quickly but...never hurts to ask.
    Is there a filter on the machine's face that has become clogged?
    Were you using really old thermal paste? I have heard of what you describe happening in such cases.
    Maybe this is just a situation where the ambient temps are higher than when you first recorded the lower temps. Is that a possibility?
  5. my room isnt dusty, and yes there never really is a settled ambient temperature in my room because my family constantly turn the boiler on and off, so my room is either freezing or hot. yet even in hot temperatures the cpu would max out around 87 idle. I bought my thermal paste when i bought all my parts so unless newegg.com stored the thermal paste in a hot room i doubt that there was any problem with the paste itself. I have read from other posts that the i7 runs a bit hotter and i do have it overclocked from stock to 3.3 yet even at 3.3 a month ago, the idle temp was 85 and p95 maxed out at around 103. I think ill contact coolit to see if there is anything potentially wrong with my cooling unit.
  6. Honestly, I do not believe there is a problem.
    I idle at 78-84f, depending upon the ambient temps - and this is on a i5-2500k! You can surely expect a higher idle temperature with your i7.
    And 103f OCed on Prime95 is well withing expectations and limits.
    Chill my friend, all is well.
  7. thank you ^_^
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