Video Editing build

I am going about making a system for video editing. I will be using strictly Adobe software.

My build:

CPU: Intel I7 920
Mobo: Asus P6T
Optical: Asus blu-ray burner 6x
RAM: 6x2g of DDR3 from crucial (12 gigs total)
Extras: ROCKET RAID 2640X4 (pick this for SATA 3.0g)
2x500g Seagate drives in RAID 1 for the O/S and programs (RAID from onboard)
4x1T Western Digital in RAID 10 for the video files (Raid will be from the Rocket Raid controller)

O/S: Windows Vista Business (64x)
This will all go in the Intel SC5299WSNA it has 6 hot swap drive slots and a 670Watt PSU

My goal was to hit $2,000 and this is $2,019 YAY but want to make sure this build will be good, maybe I over looked some thing or maybe my raid setup isn't ideal. Please let me know what you think.
Thank you.

Edit: I will be using a HD 3650 Dual DVI for my video card
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  1. You didn't list a graphics card.

    I'm trying to get some info on the 670W PSU right now.
  2. That should fall well within the limits of the PSU, but as to build quality of the PSU itself I'm still waiting to hear back. That's a new one for me.

    Was there some reason you wanted to use this server chassis? You could get a very nice sound insulated case and PSU for about the same amount. Swapping out a SATA drive in a good case is not so hard... do you really expect to need hot swapping? Typically that's for a server that needs to stay up and running... not a video editing WS.
  3. Ok the only question i have is for a video editing machine is useing Raid the way i want a good idea? or should it be set up differntly
  4. I would stay away from the RocketRaid and use the onboard Raid. I use Premiere Pro, AE and PS CS4 and I have 4 Raptors in Raid 10 AND Raid 0 using the onboard Intel Matrix Raid. With Intel Matrix Raid, you can take those 2 500GB drives and create a Raid 1 for the OS with 100GB and then create a Raid 0 array with the available 800GB. You can use the Raid 0 array for Media Cache, Scratch Disk and possibly Intermediate Video files. Intermediate Video is transcoding the source footage into an easily editable format. I use this whenever I edit AVCHD because that format requires a ton of power to edit and the formats I transcode to are easily editable but use 10-40 times the space.

    One major reason to use the onboard Intel for Raid 10 is so you can take that Raid 10 array to another Intel board no problem at all. However, with the RocketRaid, should anything go wrong with it, you would need to buy another Highpoint card.

    Also, there is no reason to spend extra money for that card when the motherboard already supports it and is very good as well.

    Onto the video card: I would definitely use something with more power and certainly Nvidia. More power helps when rendering OpenGL accelerated effects within Premiere and AE. If you use Photoshop, more V-Ram and power helps even more with mulitple images and multiple layers. The reason for Nvidia is CUDA. Adobe will offer mainstream CUDA support within the next 10-12 months, either with an update or with CS5(which will be released next March or April).

    Quick question: why do you want that Intel case?
  5. I forgot to ask what speed Ram because the board will default to 1066 with all 6 slots full but can be forced to 1333.

    And what CPU heatsink/fan so you can OC? The Xigmatek Dark Knight is $40 and is one of the best.
  6. thank you, the intel case was just a case i added. I will be useing a antex 1200 case sense it has the good HDD fans and i want a custom PSU. I am going to go back the the drawing board and redeisgn my system and repost. I am confued how you are running 4 drives in RAID 1+0 and RAID 0. RAID 1+0 alone takes 4 drives. Are you running a 100gig parttion for the OS and running the storage on a 800gig partition? or are you running 2x drives in raid 1 an 2x drives in RAID 0? Thank you for your help.
  7. Keola27, look into "Intel Matrix Raid". It is one of the coolest features ever. This lets you use 1 set of drives and create 2 DIFFERENT Raid arrays. Yeah, I know.. its cool, isn't it. With 4 74GB drives, I created a 55GB Raid 10 array and a 160GB Raid 0 array. When I had all 4 150GB Raptors alive, I had a 70GB Raid 10 array(for OS) and a 400+GB Raid 0 array.

    For you with 2 500GB drives, you can create a 100GB Raid 1 array for the OS and a 800GB Raid 0 array.

    Take a look at the "Video Editing with Premiere" thread .
    I have helped several people with this topic.
  8. I did finally hear back on the PSU in the Intel case. It's probably a quality Delta unit. I still think you are better off with your new selection, but I wanted to supply this info for anyone stumbling across this on a google.
  9. Hello,

    Those questions from you we gain a conclusion.
    All RocketRAID 3500 series & 4300 series controllers support RAID level 0,1,3,5,6,10 and JBOD. But your enclosure only support RAID level 0,1,10,
    The RocketRAID 3500 series & 4300 series is really hardware RAID controllers.It hvae Intel IOP341(800MHz) and DDR II memory with ECC should be provide stable and dependable performance.
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