File copying problem to microSDHC card via USB card reader


I am having problems transferring files to my microSDHC card via my USB card reader.
It copies for 1 second and just stops. When I click cancel, it'll take forever to cancel and I will have to plug the USB card reader out for the "cancelling" window to close.

This happens on my computer that's running on Windows 7. This is a computer I built myself. It's using M4A79 Deluxe motherboard. I've updated the BIOS to make sure I cancel out any USB compatibility issue with Windows 7.
I've also tried every port and it doesn't work.
Transferring files to USB thumbdrives and hard drives is alright though.

My laptop running XP has no problems transferring to the SD card via the same card reader.

Is it a USB hardware issue? Or Windows 7 has problems with the USB card reader and the card?

Thanks for the help in advance! :)
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  1. it sounds like it could be a hardware incompatability with that reader and the M4A79 Deluxe. Do you have another reader you can try?
  2. I found this in Asus site:

    Enable your ACPI 2.0 Support in your Bios
    Update your intel chipset driver
  3. popatim said:
    I found this in Asus site:

    Enable your ACPI 2.0 Support in your Bios
    Update your intel chipset driver

    Will try it and give you guys a shout.

    Check your microSD card on other system. If the same problem exist. Then it may be either corrupted or virus infected.

    Formatting is the best options to get rid of such kind of error. It will instal a new file format on card and you will be able to use it. But formatting will erase all the files.

    I know one of the very good Photo recovery utility that recovers photos, audios and videos from corrupted and formatted memory cards.

    You can download it from this link:

    The microSD card works on other systems. It's just this system. So it can't be the microSD
  4. Still not working after I've enabled ACPI 2.0 support?

    So what's the problem? Hmmm...
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