Mobile 4850 CF vs. gtx 260m sli vs. gtx 280m

Does anyone now the performance of the cards. And do Alienware laptops overheat. And would these graphics cards perform better then my current 2 9800 gtx on a desktop.
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  1. how much are you looking to spend, those crossfire and sli options are expensive in a laptop

    you could just get a mediocre laptop and get a good desktop with monitor
  2. i am lookin gto spend under 2500. I can build an alienware laptop with dual 4850s for under 2300. I was just wondering if the performance is any good, or if it is just a ripoff. Also do alienware laptops overheat.
  3. I think out of the ones you have listed the 260m SLI is the best however the mobile radeon 4850 in cross fire will be close, the 280m consumes less power and generates less heat but is not as good as the first two options. Alienware laptops are usually very well built although their customer service is horrible, depending on the intensity of what you wll be doing i dont think you will have issues with heat if gaming is your main thing then you are good to go and you can always buy a laptop cooler later on they dont cost too much, anyways i have a chart with various mobile graphics cards benchmarked to help you out as
  4. Are the drivers for crossfire good in laptops. And from what i am gathering i will not overheat playing Cod4, crysis, warhead, cod5, empire total war and spore. And can i hook up my 24 inch screen to the laptop so i can game on it
  5. I have not seen any issues as far as drivers go, ATI has done a good job of improving teir driver issues, the games u lasted will play fine on the alienware,you should not have any problems
  6. So will getting crossfire nearly double my performance. An y benches tos how the difference
  7. should i go quad or dual for a laptop
  8. I can get dual 4850s (with quad 2.0 ghz quad ) for 2249$ or gtx 260m for (with 2.0 ghz quad) for 2424$ which is better. and both have 4 gb ram
  9. Can those laptops perform nearly as well as sli gtx 275 with core i7 920
  10. b0b95 said:
    Can those laptops perform nearly as well as sli gtx 275 with core i7 920

    the mobile versions of those cards you usually perform somewhere close to the desktop gtx 260 processor wise you should be able to get alienwares with much better frequency than 2.0 ghz and if gaming is your concern then you should go for that. Only go quad if the processor speed is decent otherwise stick to dual for laptop would perform close to an i7 rig with a gtx275 thats asking for a lot
  11. the gtx260m and gtx280m are really not part of the GTX200 series, they are really G92 based on the 9800m GTX
  12. i say get a decent laptop and then build yourself a gaming'll probably still have money left after doing this....

    what do u think of this laptop is it better than the alienware M17x with the only 1 GTX 280M
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