Reformatted Hard Drive is Only 2gb

There was a problem with my C: drive and I had to reinstall windows on my D: drive. My C: drive had to be formatted and now is it only 2gb. I am looking to recover my sensitive files that were once on there. Can anyone help me with this?
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  1. If you just formatted the C partition, you might be able to salvage some of the files using a recovery tool (RecoveryMyFiles or the free Recuva), but I have never had too much look with the free tools. However if you are talking about data that was on the D partition and you installed Windows over it, I doubt you will recover that unless they are still located on an unwritten sector.
  2. I'm looking to recover from my C: drive which was just formatted and complete untouched. However it is only 2gb and I did run a recovery tool and only found .jpegs of websites that I have been on.
  3. Before I formatted it, I switched the cables inside my computer so my previous C: drive became my current D: drive. However it is only 2gb when it used to be around 300gb. How do I get it back to this state?
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