What's the best Place in the US for water cooling supplies and kits?

I am a overclocker and I want the flexibility to be able to add blocks to my GPU, NB, etc. so I want to do a watercooling setup. I don't want any product recommendations or anything but Newegg has nothing for water cooling, so I want to know: "What's the best site to get watercooling materials like pumps and radiators etc.?"

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    There isn't just a single site; there are maybe 5-10 good ones. It depends on what you are looking for, what your loop plan is, and your budget.

    My signature has some excellent reading that should help get you started on watercooling concepts, info and links.
  2. my budget would be anywhere from $200 to 300 at most. I just wanna have a loop that can cool my cpu moderatley, nothing special maybe a 2x120 rad. any suggestions? I guess I'm looking for a site with a lare variety and good rep, like newegg! :D
  3. A 2x120 radiator is only going to cool your CPU. If you add a GPU, you need to consider AT MINIMUM a 3x120 or an additional 2x120. Good rule of thumb is a 2x120 rad size per CPU/GPU in your loop.

    NB/SB/RAM/MOSFETs do not need to be watercooled. The blocks are horribly restrictive to flowrates and you will not benefit from them. If you find yourself at the very limit of hardware overclocking and need to start over-volting, then maybe your NB could be added.

    $200-$300 won't get you very far, but would get you into a CPU only loop, or a very budget-friendly CPU+GPU loop...if you are lucky.

    XSPC Rasa 360 kit + GPU block + some decent fans would suffice for you.

    Hopefully this isn't another 'hurry up and just tell me what to buy' thread...people really need to consider doing their homework and understand what they are getting into...
  4. nono im not gonna go out and order one of those now just wanted to get a little advice and some places to shop, not gonna buy anything anytime soon until i do some research. I just want to start with a 2x120 rad and just do a budget cpu loop, It'll be better then my Zalman (Siggy) and If I want to I can put another 2x120 or so in for a gpu block.

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  6. Yeah, if you are wanting to get into watercooling, the best advice I can give is to read and soak up as much information as you can. The more you know when it's time to buy, the better you'll be.

    If you have any questions, just ask...either here or PM me.

    I am also on those other forums; rubix_1011 there as well.
  7. They have good deals.
  8. FrozenCPU is one of the most expensive e-tailers for watercooling gear. They have the largest, most comprehensive selection of almost anywhere online, but they charge a little more. I have used them a lot and they have great customer service...but some items can be found cheaper, elsewhere if you look.
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