X4 955 BE aftermarket heatsink temps

Hello, I just installed a ZALMAN CNPS9900LED ( on my processor.

I overclocked it to 3.6ghz and my temps are 41-45c idle and 53-55 load. I was wondering if this is normal and also if I could push the processor up to 3.8ghz.


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  1. What CPU voltage are you using now for 3.6GHz? If you are currently running the minimum voltage needed for 3.6GHz stability, and already at 55C now, I doubt you have any shot at 3.8GHz.

    Seems like too high voltage, too slow CPU fan RPM, or too hot case temps (air flow & room temps factor here). edit: or cooler mounting problem
  2. I did have to up the voltage. On load its running around 1.36.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure since I'm on vacation and cannot test for the absolute voltage.

    I was thinking it could be a mounting issue since my airflow is decent enough. I did not mount it myself I took it to a professional.

    When the cpu was at 3.4ghz it was idling around 41c and on load 50-51c. (without the voltage increase)

    also the max fan rpm is 2000. and on load it was running 1900+
  3. Took off cool n quiet and temps dropped to 51-52c full load.
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    That doesn't seem too hot for that cpu. 50c under load isnt that bad, if a pro put the heatsink on, and you have good airflor in your case, then theres nothing else you can do.
  5. Pro's are often just amateurs that get paid.
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