Video card not sending a signal/weird noise.


My video card is being very noise, and sounds like it is going to blow up. This noise starts on start up, and continues until I turn it off, when I turn it off, you can still hear the fan buzzing for 4-5 seconds afterwards.

I have tried cleaning the fan and this helped somewhat, by delaying the sound by about 10 seconds after bootup..

I made sure it was the video card by unplugging it and sure enough there was no noise.

This has happened befor eon another card of mine, so I'm not sure what the deal is. I am no longer in the 30 day policy, so I cannot return it. Could this be a BIOS issue or something else?

Edit: I edited the title as my problem had evolved into something else.
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  1. What PSU do you have?
    It sounds like the power supply is not providing enough amps to the cards.
  2. I have a 500W PSU, I recently just upgraded to this in late 08. This ahs provided me with more than enough power, as I had a 300W before.. and it didnt do this

    Also worth mentioning, I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon 3650 HD 512MB AGP 8X video card

    It actually sounds like the fan is spinning too fast.
  3. You can try to reduce the fan speed in some Gpu-related utility.
    Maybe it is caused by some bug which made your card fan work at 100% or something like that.

    Rivatuner is a nice program.
  4. The AGP cards have an extra power connector which uses a small, white, 4-pin floppy connector to supply them with extra power.
    You have connected it, right? It's the easiest thing in the PC upgraders world to forget to do so.
  5. Dance said:
    I have a 500W PSU, I recently just upgraded to this in late 08. This ahs provided me with more than enough power, as I had a 300W before.. and it didnt do this

    The 500W PSU you have could easily be the problem, especially since your previous PSU didn't make the card do that.
    How many amps do you have on the 12V rail (or rails)?
  6. I'm not sure what rails are, boudy. Sorry :p

    coozie7: yes, they are connected. I made sure of that.

    My problem now is that the video card isn't sending a signal to the monitor.

    It's not the monitor as I hooked it up to my other pc, and it worked fine. I have two video cards and I replaced the one I'm having problems with with an older one and it isn't working either. what could that be? The motherboard?
  7. Sorry, had to ask, it's just so easy to miss that;)

    On the PSU there should be a rather complex looking label with a table that lists the outputs by voltage and amperage, each is called a rail.

    It should read something like this +3.3V +5V +12v +12v -12v +5vsb
    30A 30A 18A 18A 1A 3A

    Your unit may have one or more +12v entries, (I have shown two which is common), it is these that are importaint.
  8. I have on DC Output +12V1 and +12V2.. and then -12V.

    The noise isn't a problem any more, my video card(s), are not sending a signal. What could that mean?

    The motherboard go bad and not running the card correctly?
  9. Is it jsut a generic PSU?
  10. It's a Rosewill I had ordered from newegg.

    Edit: I guess this contains the voltage/ rails that boudy had asked for.
  11. Maybe this one is one of the better Rosewill PSUs? Rosewill doesn't make very good power supplys but heard they make a few "nice" ones.
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