Water cooling kit?

Hey guys just wanted to do a very simple (and cheap) CPU-only loop With a 2x120 rad cuz thats all i can put in my case i know ill only get ok temps but thats good cuz i may upgrade l8tr. what do you guys think of this kit? ive heard XSPC is good:

I just want somthing a step above my coolit ECO:

It includes all I need for a cheap CPU loop right?

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    I have that kit and it good. My I7 930 is oced to 3.8 and it stay in the low 30s at idle and low 50 full blown. I am still playing with my volt so I can get lower temps. The only thing I will say thats negative about this loop is the pump res combo is a little loud but all in all it is great for the money.
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  3. thx man, sounds good!
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