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I am trying to put a date server together for my home network. I got a Dell Powershot 2850 off of surplus. It is very nice server for what I am doing. The only problem is it is only SCSI drives it can hold. Sadly I don't have a few grand I can throw at this for scsi hard drives. So I am looking at other ways to add hard drive to the server. The server has 3 slots that I don't know what they are. I am thinking they might be PCI X but I am not sure,

If I can figure out what they are I was hoping I could get a SATA adapter and add some (normal computer) hard drives. Then I would just need to figure out a containment box to put the harddrives in an power them.
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  2. Emerald said:

    thanks for the verification.
    Do those expansion card play nice with other operating systems? I am running a ESXi OS on my server and don't have much control over drivers and such.
  3. Those are PCI-X, but you can also use them as regular PCI slots and run some SATA drives off of a regular controller...
  4. Would a regular pci card be more compatible then a pcix card? Or does it depend on the card?
  5. Well thanks for your help.
    I got me a SATA PCI Addapter, for my server, and now I can add more harddrives for my server.
    by the way FYI, to anyone who wants to know, you can't use PCI cards that do not have a 3volt notch on PCIx slots.
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