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My 1000he Eeepc need to upgrade hdd

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December 20, 2010 11:39:33 PM

When I first got my eeepc it was great, then I added another gig of ram, it became even better. In the past few months I have had issues with obnoxiously slow everything, and i/o errors while installing linux.

Ran a test and it turned out my hdd had a ton of bad sectors, some due to heat.

I only use the netbook to take to class, as I recently built a desktop.

I would like to pump some life into netbook, and was hoping for a suggestion on an ssd, as I do not want to chance another heat destroyed hdd.

I do not need it to be terribly big, or terribly fast. I would like it to be low on power consumption, and low on heat - and was hoping for some suggestions.

a c 940 G Storage
December 21, 2010 12:22:36 AM

Any of them will meet your needs. C300 has amazing fast reads on sata3 but writes are in the 75mb/s range regardless of sata2 or 3.

Sandforce are very good also. Samsung has a new model with a good reputation already; i forget what it is....
December 21, 2010 1:16:20 AM

Alright, I do appreciate your post.

Let me rephrase my question a bit more simpler.

For my 350 dollar 2 year old netbook, I'm looking for a low power, low heat SSD.

I guess what I'm asking is... is there any early ssd tech that with newer firmware gets the job done? The speed, as long as its faster than my 5400 rpm seagate drive (4th one thats blown on me in as many years :(  what happened to them) doesn't matter.

Sorry for the confusion