My first OC :)

As the title says really, based on the sticky guide I've OCd my new PC to 3.6GHz :D

It is:

i5-760 @ 3.6GHz
8Gb Corsair 1600Mhz RAM (4x2GB)

Running Prime95 the system is stable and hits CPU max temp of 57C. The RAM is actually set to 1440Mhz at the mo but presumably I can just set the memory ratio to 9 and get 1620Mhz?

Also, what temps do people think are acceptable for the CPU to hit whilst stressing with Prime95? If I push the CPU up to 4GHz and it runs at ~75C is this ok seeing as no normal programs run the cores at 100% all the time? (I know the i5's temp limit is 72.7C but I was wondering).

Anywho, I'm just happy I haven't blown up my new PC :pt1cable:
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  1. Any 3D mark score can share?
  2. Just ran it now, my GPU is a Gainward GTX 460 1Gb @ 700Mhz.

    Using 3DMark11, scored P3297

    Full data <a href="">here</a>
  3. Cant edit for some reason, so the data is here
  4. Nice oc...for 4ghz temp 75 still ok don't worry, you can use 4hz for benchmark only and don't use 75c temperatur for daily this can decerase lifetime cpu. If you want more cool go bios disabled smart fan. Your can roll maxium and decrease temperature. Or get new extreme Cooler + good thermal paste (if you want)
  5. Do you have Left 4 Dead 2 by any chance and do you know what kind of fps you get on that game? Im asking because im thinking of buying a 460 and i have the same processor.

  6. Don't have it sorry. I've got F1 2010, Mass Effect 2 & FSX if you want some fps from any of those.
  7. just drop overclock try play all your game, and don't forget update your Last driver !
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