Appreciate Help Selecting Case

Found this combo on newegg which has the CPU I will most likely be getting:

I'm also looking at the COOLER MASTER HAF 922, Storm Scout, possibly the NV 690

Important for me are good air flow, not excessive amount of dust accumulation - I intend to keep the case clean, but I don't want to be cleaning every week.

How much of an advantage is a case with a tool-free design?

Any feedback or other case suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. A tool free design is a great advantage if you're going to work on or clean your computer like once a month.
  2. Tool free is alright. I dont really like it because the compnents no where near as secure as using screws or whatever else because tool-free has to be able to hold a wide range of parts, but instead they can put multiple screw holes to keep many different kinds on parts safe and secure.
  3. just get HAF 932.
  4. jimishtar said:
    just get HAF 932.

    It's not a good option. Yes, 932 has a good airflow but because it doesn't fan dust filters, he will have a big problem.

    So Vinnychase you should look for a case with filter or a case that has 120 or 140 mm fans so you can get some dust filters later.
  5. VinnyChase said:
    Any feedback or other case suggestions appreciated.
    I'm very happy with my Antec P182 case. I chose it because I was looking to build a very quiet computer system and this article at the Silent PC Review web site gave it good marks. It's a large, heavy case but it's extremely well build and has a precision feel to it.

    It's got several features that I especially like: a separate lower chamber for the power supply that is completely isolated from the main motherboard chamber. I put 3 hard drives into the lower chamber and the PSU fan is enough to draw air from the front of the case past the drives to keep them cool.

    Another slick feature that there's room BEHIND the motherboard tray to run cables, which makes for a super-clean cable layout. And at the front panel the there are press-to open doors to access the fan filters - that makes it very easy for cleaning.

    It's a pricey case but I'm very glad I bought it. It's lived up to my high expectations for noise - when I power it up I can barely hear it. That's not solely due to the case - the aftermarket CPU heatsink, fanless graphics card and very quiet power supply are a big part of that too. But the dual-chamber design is a pretty important part of that, IMHO.
  6. I am very happy with my case - SILVERSTONE Kublai Series KL01 - $90 after $45 rebate

    It is quiet, cool, sturdy, and has a simple, classical design with a removable front door.

    All the cases listed above seem to be good ones - with the sturdier ones with slightly better features costing a little more.

    The tool free design is nice to have - but almost all have mostly tool free design today and the small margin of tool use on some - for the few minutes it might save over the life of your system - hardly seems like a major consideration. While style might not be as important as function - a function that is significant for a few minutes vs. style that you observe day and and day out - I will take the style. Course the system I recommended is mostly tool free - but you do need to unscrew the side panel on the case.

    Speaking of style - I think the Scout looks like one of those WWII 5 gallon "Gerry" cans.
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