Asus P7P55D Pro Heatsink/Memory Compatibility Questions

I plan on purchasing the Asus P55 Pro and Corsair Dominator Memory (2x2). I hear that its a tight fit between the CPU and Memory. I need a good cooler to go on there. I was thinking the Coolermaster N520 but i'm not sure how that will fit. If someone could verify that cooler works that would be great, otherwise I'm open for suggestion. Thanks.
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  1. So what did you end up using? I process of building one too!! Im looking at a Zalman cnps9900aled heatsink fan combo. It looks to have good clearence around it being curved and all. I do know its like 6" tall though so good thing i got a big case!! Let me know what u ended up doing.
  2. I actually went with the Hyper 212 Plus from Coolermaster and it fits wonderfully. If i wanted to i could squeeze 4 dims there. claude_bonanni[at] if you wants pics of it. I can vouch for the coolermaster.
  3. Can you post the pics here? I'm kind of leaning towards the Hyper 212+ if it's a nice fit in my P7P55D motherboard.
  4. I can't figure out how to post pics on here and im not gonna use any file-hosting. Sorry, im a noob, i know. just shoot me an email though and ill reply and send the pictures of it.
  5. Here is one from my facebook.
  6. Sent an email a few hours ago.

    By the way, what GPU is that?

    That looks very much like a Cooler Master case, am I right?

    EDIT: Saw it. Looks nice. Although I'm kind of liking the Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro, which might be unheard of to you guys.
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