How's this loop?

Ive been looking for a kit that is more made of their good parts that they sell seperatley to be good parts that they just put together in a kit with some hose and stuff, that meakes me feel like i know it's goos cuz it's made of parts people would buy to config a custom loop so I found this at frozen

How good do you think this is/ would these be parts you would consider just buying like: "hey this is a good cpu block."???:

Thx soooo much guys I love tom's peeps :D :D
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    That is actually a pretty good kit, i have heard good stuff about that water block. The kit seems fairly decent, but man the price. I don't know if you care about the price, but you could assemble one way cheaper than that. Otherwise, if you don't want some "do it yourself" work go with a kit similar. I made my loop just the same as this, a water block, radiator, pump, tubing, res. My rig's water cooling only cost $100, but it involved some DIY.

    If you want to DIY:

    XSPC Rasa Waterblock: $49
    Hose clamps:$4
    Pump: $12
    Heater core: $30
    Get tubing at any hardware store.

    Just under $100
  2. What are you trying to cool..CPU only ?
    here is better, cheaper alternative ;
  3. Rasa +1.

    That EK kit looks pretty decent...I am not sold on the pump though. I think its a rebranded Jingway...decent, but not legendary like Laing pumps. For the same cost, you can get into the Swiftech Apex kit.

    I guess it depends what OP is trying to cool and what future plans are...
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