Is it ok to disconnect a drive and leave it in case for a long time?

So I just got my Spinpoint F3 and the constant soft humming is starting to annoy me. I have recently discovered that if I leave my old other drive disconnect and not running, the humming stop (due to different spinning frequency or something). So is it okay that I leave that drive inside the case disconnected for a long time, only reconnect it when I need to use something on it? Thanks
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  1. It's more likely that leaving the drive mounted in the drive bay has added rigidity to the case and stopped it from vibrating.

    Just leave that drive unpowered by disconnecting its power connector. As long as there's no power to the drive the heads should remain parked.
  2. Sure. After all, there are worse places to store an unused drive.
  3. thats a way better place than your sock drawer. Good thinking!
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