Very Basic Budget Build (Less than $500)

I'm looking to build a desktop for very basic needs. All I will really use it for is internet browsing, word processing, and other very basic tasks. No gaming, no multimedia editing, nothing too strenuous. With that said, I would like this build to be very efficient at the tasks I intend it to do, so I don't want it to be underpowered.

My initial thoughts are to use a basic dual core AMD processor and a motherboard with integrated video. If anyone has any specific recommendations, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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  1. do you need all components? Monitor? OS? Keyboard/mouse?
  2. Sorry, should have included that. I have the OS, but I will need keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  3. Something that simple and not for gaming shouldn't be hand built.

    Heres a good buy, can get something different aswell.
  4. Something that simple and not for gaming shouldn't be hand built.

    Heres a good buy, can get something different aswell.

    1st one is with a E7300

    2nd one is with a E5200 and more add on's other than the e7300 is more basic.

    Well, after clicking the links, it sends you back to the main screen to add stuff on to your system but, you should be able to go through that no problem. There both good picks and come with a mouse and keyboard. You can choose which monitor, which plugins you wanted added on, etc.
  5. Fullmetall is right, for a <$500 budget and basic needs, it's tough to beat the pre-builts.

    However, if you are set on building and realize that a home-built is more upgradeable and possibly more satisfying, here's a list:

    Antec NSK4480 case w/380W PSU $75
    Gigabyte 780G motherboard $80
    AMD Athlon X2 7850 Kuma 2.8GHz $69
    G.Skill 2x2GB DDR2-1066 RAM $46
    Western Digital Black 500GB HDD $70
    ASUS VH202T Black 20" 5ms Widescreen DVI LCD Monitor (w/built-in speakers) $130
    Logitech EX100 wireless keyboard and mouse $25

    Total = $495 before S&H and MIR's

    Forgot the DVD... well, drop to the AMD 7750 and add another $25 for any DVD-RW drive you like. :)
  6. Thanks everyone. I guess building my own isn't the best way to go. Thanks for all the advice!
  7. Building your own is a good way to go if your going to do gaming and surfing the net/watching movies but, for what you have posted earlier, a prebuild from dell is your best bet.
  8. If you want a really good deal, check out the Dell Outlet for scratch-n-dent and certified refurbished systems.
  9. $504 free shipping
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