GPU fan speed at 100%

I'm using BFG GeForce GTX 280 Video Card - OC Edition.

With stock fan settings and intense gameplay this GPU reaches about 76c. Which is alarming to me. Although I'm informed by many sources to not be alarmed, I am still alarmed. So I was wondering:

"If I increased the GPU fan speed to a constant 100% RPM, would it shorten the life of my GPU or GPU fan?"

Would it be a good idea to do so?

Suppose it burns out the fan, how hard is it to get a new fan?

I tested this theory and with every graphic demanding application I could find, open (Crysis, Blue Ray, DVD, City of Heroes, Left for Dead, and Guild Wars) all at the same time. The GPU stays at about 57c (But of course my whole system was heating up, lol)
So clearly this is effective in keeping the temp down, but I'm just worried about the fan.

Thanks for the info all.

( On another note, is this GPU supposed to make a high pitch melody when it begins running at full load? It's hard to hear over my CPU fan, and when I increase my GPU fan to 100%, I can't hear it at all. But at stock settings, like when I load into Crysis, it begins making a high pitch melody on the menu screen, and then becomes a constant slightly lower pitch sound. Still very quiet and hard to hear. )
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  1. 76c isn't that bad, these cards can take up to 105c

    running the fan at 1000% would shorten it's lifespan, but it would decrease GPU temps possibly increasing the lifespan of the GPU

    swapping out the fan for a GPU is not fun at all
  2. How hard is it? I'm pretty good with my hands. I build my rig with ease. Where would I get a fan replacement?
  3. IDK, but I used to try to push my fan to 100% and it stop running. :p
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