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If the motherboard im getting supports more then 2000mhz of ram speed does that mean that a ram that says 2000mhz is going to run at 2000mhz? Or does it default to 1600mhz?
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  1. Well that depends on what its plugged into. Default memory multiplier on 1156/1366 platform is 8 ..... 8 x 133 = 1067 which would be the default speed.
  2. so even if i get a memory that says 1600mhz it won't run at that speed unless i overclock it? im still noob to this lol...
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    Basically. LGA1156 processors support a max RAM speed of 1333MHz at stock BCLK with a 2:10 BCLK:RAM ratio, while LGA1366 processors only support 1067MHz at stock BCLK with a 2:8 BCLK:RAM ratio. A BCLK increase will likely be necessary in order to get you RAM up to 2000MHz unless your RAM has a XMP profile that will enable higher speed at stock BCLK.

    Overall I'm not convinced that RAM speeds above 1600MHz do much if anything to improve performance. So I'd just focus on getting your RAM up to about 1600MHz and then focus on getting tighter timings after that.

    Edit: Default RAM speeds for Sandy Bridge is 1333MHz.
  4. Timings or speed, either one does the same thing. Timings AND speed--that's what you get good RAM for (1910MHz 6-8-6).

    2000CL9, 1600CL7, 1333CL5--they'll all benchmark about the same. And the 1333CL5 would either tie or beat all those I'd guess in all benchmarks.
  5. what does BCLK stand for?
  6. Bclk is your base clock or your fsb (front side bus). The meaning of the term fsb is less accurate now that various bus functions are integrated in the CPU core/uncore nowadays.

    The bus speed is multiplied by your CPU multiplier for your clock speed. So a 133MHz bus with a 20x multiplier runs at 2.67GHz.

    Basically, your bios will let probably let you adjust a clock though--which will be 133, 200, or 266 depending on your CPU, I think it'll start at 133 for yours. It should be able to go to 160 or so without voltage increases. Your multiplier will be locked since it's not a K or X series CPU.
  7. 2000mhz ram will not run at 2000mhz with out overclocking ... and even then it depends on your ram and cpu ... if you have 2000 speed corsair it will not .... thats what i have and they said its not possible
  8. I cannot hit 2000MHz with my 2000MHz RAM--mostly because of CPU limitations (it won't do 200MHz bclk with a high multiplier). But I can get crazy low latency, so I'm not complaining.
  9. sweet thanks guys..
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