Expansion Slot fit.

I've been looking at graphics cards. Anyhow, I found one I like. However, the side paneling (and the large fan mounted on the card) seem like they would block the spaces for adjacent PCI buses on my motherboard. Is this so? I'm looking at the pictures, and it seems like it would take too much room, blocking up other expansion slots. Is this so?

Card I'm looking at:
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  1. yes it would, do you have anything installed there/are you going to install anything in that expansion slot

    if not, then don't worry too much

    if yes, then you might have to find a different brand that doesn't take up two expansion slots
  2. Okay, but wouldn't most high-end GPU's have fans like this one?
  3. Some have even more larger and high quality fan's. Just look at some of HIS's IceQ cooled GPU lineup.
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