Intel core 2 duo e8400 whats the best motherboard

intel core 2 duo e8400 whats the best motherboard for this cpu
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  1. Budget ? also do u need SLI/CF ?
  2. Graphics card is an important consideration. I would also look for a board that is able to do better than 1333 FSB. Almost any E8400 is capbable of good overclocking and you want to give yourself some overhead. A lot of boards are warratied up to 1600 fsb. I have a gigabyte x38 board and have been pretty happy. Ulitimately I decided based on crossfire and 2 x16 pci-e channels.
  3. I also like the Gigabyte motherboards. If you do not need Crossfire and more than 6 SATA ports, the GA-EP45-UD3L is about $100 at newegg. The UD3's are all great overclockers.
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