2 x 9800GTX+ in SLI. Power Requirements?

Hey there, I've recently built a new system with a single 'BFG 9800GTX+ OC 1GB' and I've been considering upgrading to an SLI system, with two of these cards.

I am unsure if my current power supply will be able to cope with an added card, here are my system specs:

Motherboard: Intel DX58SO (Didn't support SLI at launch but does now)
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 (OC'd to 3.5GHZ, turbo mode enabled)
CPU cooler: Akasa Nero
Memory: 6GB OCZ Gold
Storage: 1 x 500GB + 1 x 650GB HDD
Case: Antek 300 (two case fans)

Power Supply: Corsair TX750W 750 Watt

Do you think my 750 Watt PSU is going to be beefy enough to power my i7 CPU aswell as two of these cards?

My specific PSU is not listed specifically on nVidia's slizone site, but in the list there are plenty of 750watt PSUs which have been approved to run two 9800s.

Oh and one other thing, because my Motherboard didn't initially support SLI, it didn't include an SLI bridge, looks like I'm going to have to buy one, any recommendations for that too? :p

Thanks in advance,

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  1. should be plenty, maybe even overkill
  2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, 9800GTX+'s should use the same or less than the 8800GT's and I'm running two 88's on a 620HX.
  3. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-radeon-power,2122-6.html

    GeForce 9800 GTX SLI (512 MB): 95.6 watts idle, 257.1 watts full load, 21.4 amps full load.

    You have enough power to run 5 of those cards if you really wanted to.
  4. Your current power supply will be able to cope with the second card and then some.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll go ahead with the second card when I can afford it :p Regarding the SLI bridge, I've seen some flexible ones on ebay for around a fiver, will these be suitable?
  6. The SLI bridge should have come with your mobo, the flexible one might be a Crossfire bridge and if so may not fit/work.
  7. The bridge didn't come with my mobo. For a long time, the Intel DX58SO 'Smackover' board, didn't support SLI, only crossfire. Intel have rectified this with a BIOS update, and now fully supports nVidia's SLI tech.

    The bridges on Ebay often specifically mention SLI in the description, this must mean it will work right? :p



    There are loads of these for sale on Ebay, all mentioning SLI,

    As long as I purchase the right length adapter, it should work right? There's a 4X PCI port in between my two 16X PCI-Es, which is being occupied by my wireless card. Is this the standard setup for PCI port positioning?

    I notice there seems to be two types of bridge on sale, 6cm and 9cm. I'm guessing the gap between my two ports would require the 9 cm one, but I'll have to measure it to be sure :p


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