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So the parts are starting to arrive for my first ever build. Asus P6T Deluxe v2, i7 920, Noctua cooler, sli 285s, 6 gb ocz plat 1600s, samsung 22x dvd burner, and 2 wd 1 tb drives all in a Cosmos 1000 case along with some scythe fans and a nzxt fan controller. So my question is where besides youtube can I find some guides for putting all this sutff together. I'm sure most is well explained in the manuals, but can anyone give me a list of dos and donts. Like do I need a grounding strap. Thanks.
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  1. I find I usually follow the below step... You can modify of course. I don't think you will find any real YouTube tutorials to building a PC, it's alot of personal preference and you own experiences. You will probably do and redo several items before you get what you want. And I never use a grounding strap. Just don't wear a sweater and fuzzy slippers on a shag carpet. Just touch something grounded before you begin to release any built up positive charge and you will be fine. Just don't get frustrated, that will end badly. Walk away for a while, and come back if you have a temper. The only time I have ever broken anything is when I got bent out of shape. And you will need ZIPPY TIES.. they are a builders best friend. I have every color available at HomeDepot. Walmart has a little assorted can as well. I found it near the car stereo stuff.

    1. Install your CPU, cooler, and Ram onto the motherboard before you install it into the case. It makes life easier. If you have a non OEM CPU cooler you will need Thermal paste. Just make sure its of good quality and follow the directions to apply. You can find entire threads of how people THINK you should apply it, but there are a few effective ways.
    2. Give your case a good inspection. No loose wires, screws, etc.
    3. Install your Power supply...because sometime you can't get it in there after your CPU and mobo are installed. Not saying ALL cases, but some.
    4. Install the standoff screws for your mobo, check the holes on your mobo and make sure you get them in the right holes in the case. Then install the mobo I/O
    plate in to the case. Install the motherboard into the case.
    5. Install any case fans. (plug them in later)
    6. Install your Drives (but not the cables)
    7. Run all of your power wires. If you have a modular PSU it makes things easy. If not, figure out what you need and lay then aside. Bundle your unused wires and zip tie then in a neat location out of the way. I find the spare 5.25" bays work well. Run your wires neatly and zip tie then in place. You don't want a rats nest of wire, it kills your airflow. Remember to leave any PCI-E cables you will need for your video card.
    8. Install the I/O cables, SATA or IDE. Make sure they are neat.
    9. Install your video card and any other expansion cards. Make sure to keep the power wires need for your video cards.
    10. Just look over everything. Make sure everything is tied down, plugged in, etc.
    11. Plug it in and FIRE IT UP! I always leave the side off, it helps you hear anything that might go wrong. Sometimes you get a loud fan, hard drive, wire hitting a fan, vibrating fan or case panel. It's just to keep an eye on things. I usually put the side on after a few hours.
  2. Just make sure you put it together on a table and take your time. Don't do it on carpet...

    Also, Like Jay suggested, install CPU and RAM first on the mobo...then screw the board in the case. And PSU...
  3. Do I need to be careful when handling the cpu and mobo, as in are there any parts I can't touch?
  4. Inside the bottom of your CPU...and on the motherboard...the CPU placement touchy touchy.

    Besically, anywhere that connects to something on your, cpu and ram dont touch or pull anything hard. Don't push too hard...but don't be a wimp installing either ^_^ That's because electric currents will go through those connections...and you don't want to grease them up.

    Don't turn the PC on unless you are sure everything is connected properly. And do it one at a time...
  5. one at a time?
  6. Yea...the steps suggested above by jay
  7. Looks like you've done a nice job with researching what parts to buy, wouldn't hurt you to do some more.
  8. Do you really need 2 tb of space? haha really?
    and instead of sli gtx285 i would get the gtx295 and then down the road newer *** will come out and the 295 will go down in price and then u sli and ur computer will scream also alot of games dont even support sli yet! and i would get an after market cpu cooler so u can overclock.
  9. Duque said:
    Do I need to be careful when handling the cpu and mobo, as in are there any parts I can't touch?

    I would avoid touching the contact points, such as the bottom of the cpu, the socket pins, I/O board connections (ie video cards). The oil on your hands can stick to it and tarnish them. Also, watch the components on your motherboard, you don't want to knock off a capacitor. When assembling your motherboard, its good to set on a semi soft surface because of the underside not being flat. I find it easiest to set the mobo onto of the box it came in. It's also always good to set it on something anti-static, like the bag it came in. Its just good practice, so just throw down the bag the mobo came in on top of the box it came in and keep that mobo on that until you are ready to install.

    Other than that, just be firm with your connections, you want to make sure they are seated correctly. But don't be aggressive. Watch out for the cpu mounting mechanism, it isn't as nice as the LGA775 was. The lever will clamp hard, but it should bend ALOT. If it does, remove the clamp and place the bracket back over the CPU and try again. It takes a little force to clamp it down but not excessive force.
  10. make sure you install the ram correctly.. or else it wont recognize your ram
  11. ^
    yeah what the fuzzy squirrel thingy said.
  12. fuzzy is the word.. :P

    Duque, post some pic after you done..
  13. no the bird is the word! lol
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    We love pics.
  15. Rowe and Squrrel = Love at first sight
  16. haha i love dirty jobs series.. :)
  17. Thanks for all the input. Glad to see that two dirty critters got together too.
  18. Remember Dugue think about wat i said about the GTX295 i think it would be VERY smart for u to get it no joke!
  19. he's already ordered his system, and a 15% restocking fee from Newegg on 2 GTX 285's is $99, so it would be wiser just to stick with his SLI 285s
  20. damnnnn that was a bit of a mistake lol because 2 of em is more then 1 gtx295 and down rode SLI the 295 and be BEAST
  21. ^ but 2 285's in SLI should outperform a 295. Plus you can OC them alot better.
  22. i know but im just planning for the future because if he sli's the 295 down the road holy smokes! hah
  23. The DX11 cards will be coming out later this year, so IMO buying a GTX 295 now, and then another in a few weeks/months will just be a waste of $$$. I'm buyinga 4890 when i get my new build here in a couple of weeks, and possibly buy a second on in a month, but then ill be saving up for the new DX11s. I could just wait for a 4890x2 then get another one of those, but thatll be an extra 500 bux ill spend on something that will be obsolete soon.
  24. GOD WE CAN NEVER KEEP UP!! lol i was hoping my AMD phenom II would keep up with technology for a while and now they come out with a FASTER one! pisses me off haha
  25. Lol, my first build was outdated within months: PCI-E cards replaced my AGP card, ddr2 replaced my ddr memory, and a new socket and dual core CPUs replaced my old Anthlon 64. Basically my entire system was outdated within MONTHs. I never upgraded anything because i would basically have to build a new PC, which is what im finally doing this summer lol.
  26. i think one year human is like 10 years of computer life. or maybe even faster.. haha
  27. wildgene789 said:
    GOD WE CAN NEVER KEEP UP!! lol i was hoping my AMD phenom II would keep up with technology for a while and now they come out with a FASTER one! pisses me off haha

    Usually if you buy the latest CPU available you are good for 2-3 years of gaming. I tend to upgrade my video every year though. You will never keep up with things, but if you notice alot of new tech isn't really new tech. It is just a refinement of the previous tech. Look at the Core2Duo. They just shrank the die and gave it more cache. I had an e6400 for 2 years before my buddy swapped his e6850 for it (it was his spare pc). And I went through 3 video cards with this setup. I upgraded to an i7 to buy into the new tech for now. I have a feeling they will just shrink the die and maybe tweak it a little for 2-3 years. So i am set. wouldn't upgrade a CPU unless I was buying into a new architecture and not just a better performing version of what I already have.
  28. yeah.. Intel clearly explained that in their tech forum. they are following a tick-tock model. new architecture-> die shrink -> new architecture -> die shrink.
    but some people just have a lot of money they didn't care. And you got something to brag if you got new toys. :)
  29. ^
    THAT'S what it was called. The Tick-Tock model. I saw that a while back and couldn't remember what it as called.

    Thanks Fuzzy.
  30. anytime dude. hehe
    actually, we are all discussing about a whole different topic than the original thread.
  31. Fuzzy + Rowe *singing*

    Secret lovers, yea, that's what we are...
  32. i wonder if duque already finish assembling his parts

    :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
  33. mansalim said:
    actually, we are all discussing about a whole different topic than the original thread.

    He will be fine. How hard is it to put a computer together anymore? As long as he doesn't bust anything off. And Vista is just dump easy to install.
  34. mansalim said:
    i wonder if duque already finish assembling his parts

    :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

    He probably did and is to busy gaming it up to laugh at us wierdos.
  35. i think the real pain is connecting the front panel if you dont have any experience. luckily he got asus. the Q-Panel really a saviour. And i remember the days where the USB connector didn't come in one square piece. real pain!
  36. He forgot about us :(
  37. anyone who got dual GTX285, they will forget everything. hahaha
  38. mansalim said:
    i think the real pain is connecting the front panel if you dont have any experience. luckily he got asus. the Q-Panel really a saviour. And i remember the days where the USB connector didn't come in one square piece. real pain!

    HAHA yeah i remember that. I like the little panel that is labeld and you can plug everything into before plugging it into the Mobo. They have really dumbed down the build process. I remember my first build, at 486. Dip switches and jumpers all over to set everything. And manually entering the HD information into the Bios. Those were the days. These day's it is plug and pray.
  39. Plug and pray ^_^ Nice!

  40. Lol you guys are hilarious. Had to finish my finals before putting this build together. Last one was differential equations earlier today. The rest of the day I'll be reading the manuals and I'll put it together tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be back then with more questions. lol
  41. ^
    Manuals... um.. sure... Just plug things in, it's all labeled. :sol:
  42. yeah.. they should'nt put a very long manual in 12 different language. Go green, save some tree.. haha
    its all color coded now, so just match the color. :P like preschool
  43. HAHAHAHAH yea everyone i tell that i built my computer their like OMG R U SERIOUS!!!!! HOW DID U DO THAT!! im like all u do is connect *** where they look like they belong haha
  44. I don't even pay attention to the colors, i just match the shapes up . . . like that box thing with holes in it for different kind of blocks that you had to match up.

    weird thing was i was always the kid who would force the square cube into the hexagon shaped hole . . . i guess thats why my graphics card never works right . . .
  45. BTW Mike Rowe was at Fort Jackson doing a show while I was in Basic Training there! Sadly I never saw him but read it in the news paper in the CQ.

    It was the episode where he had to pull a humvee from a buttload of mud . . . gah i had to spend many nights sleeping in that mud and sand . . .
  46. JTP709 graduated 1st class honors in kindergarten...
  47. So the build went fine, but a few issues have arisen since I've booted up windows. Using win 7 build 7100. While I was given the option of either wd 1 tb drive to install the operating system, now that I'm in windows, I only see one. Mobo was asus p6t deluxe v2 and the dvd drive is sata 3 while the hdds are sata 5 and 6. Did I put something in the wrong place? Could I be running raid by accident lol? Also I can't figure out how to access nvidia control panel to complete my sli. One last thing. This is my first 64 bit operating system and I'm not sure if I'm using it right. I've started installing my old programs and some new ones and some go into the x86 folder. Does that mean I installed the wrong type? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  48. U might not be seeing the 1 hardrive because its not actually made into a harddrive so just go into Diskmanagement and Create a drive. Atleast i think haha
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