LG GSA-4081b not detecting discs

I just rebuilt a computer for someone, and I was attempting to install the motherboard software. I put the dvd in the drive, and it locked up the computer, so I did a hard reboot. Comes back up and reads the disc just fine. Then it gets really laggy again. I remove the disc and restart. Then it wouldn't detect the software dvd, but I tried the windows xp install disc. Worked just fine. Tried to uninstall/install the drive, rollback drivers, reinstall windows, and nothing. Now the CD portion won't work either. I even tried putting in a different DVD drive, and it wouldn't work. I just attempted to upgrade the firmware and it got me no further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I just installed a mitsumi cr48xate and the cd portion works but the dvd doesn't work still. Works just fine in my personal desktop. When I put in a dvd, it acts like it will read then starts to flash orange very quickly.
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