OC'ing Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz - Newbie in action!


Motherboard: nVidia 650i SLi
Stock Cooler - Will be replaced with a Aftermarket Cooler. Any recommendations?
I have decided to OC my Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz.

In the BIOS I have the following settings I can change (Voltage): Which of these need to be adjusted for me to OC?
CPU Core
Memory Voltage
Chipset Voltage
FSB - Memorry clock mode

Also theres a function called: Speedstep which does: If enabled, Cpu clock speed and cpu core voltage are adjusted dynamically based on the CPU load. What should I set this to?

I have read that when OC'ing your CPU, you also need to adjust RAM timings. I haven't really been able to understand how the Ratio works, the x2 Multiplication with the Ram, and when to even adjust the timings.

Thanks you for reading my thread. Any help is highly appreciated!
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  1. search for a specific guide on your processor in these for forumz .... it would also be helpful to find a similar brand or board to yours ....
  2. Cooler: The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is a good aftermarket cooler, and only costs $30. There's also the Nocturna DH-14 and several other similar models, but the Hyper 212+ is the most popular.

    SpeedStep: Unless you are going for the most massive overclock possible I recommend leaving it on. If you disable it you can get a higher overclock, but then your CPU won't throttle down when idle, wasting electricity and generating more heat than necessary.

    RAM: The way that you'll overclock your CPU is by increasing the base clock (BCLK or FSB). That is because the CPU speed is determined by multiplying the BCLK/FSB by a fixed multiplier in order to determine the final CPU speed. By increasing the BCLK/FSB your CPU runs faster.

    However, the speed of the RAM modules is also determined by multiplying the FSB by a multiplier in order to get the final speed. So when you increase the BCLK/FSB you overclock the RAM as well, and your RAM could become unstable at the new higher speed. Normally the ratio of FSB to RAM is 2:10, however this is often adjustable.

    You'll also need to use a tool to check for CPU stability like Prime95 or OCCT. Either of those tools will allow you to check for CPU/Memory instability/errors, letting you know that you'll have to change some settings to make the overclock stable.

    You should adjust your timings whenever you find that your RAM becomes unstable, usually through a tool like Memtest86. Basically if Memtest86 indicates that your RAM is unstable you'll need to either loosen the timings, increase voltages slightly (not recommended past a certain point), or change the FSB: DRAM ratio to a lower value like 2:8. Through trial and error you can settle in on a final combination of FSB: DRAM ratios, timing values, and voltages that work for you.
  3. Can I use Core i5 I5-2500K 6 MB with my Motherboard?
  4. No, not at all. The i5-2500K requires a LGA1155 motherboard, which currently are in short, if not nonexistent supply, because the P67 chipset has a flaw which forced Intel to recall all LGA1155 motherboards. Fixed LGA1155 motherboards will be available starting in mid-March will full availability in early-April.

    You'll likely require new RAM as well if you upgrade, unless you have DDR3 RAM in your current system.
  5. I'll see how it goes with the 560 with ym current 8200 CPU. if there is to much Bottleneck, I'll wait for the motherboard so I can upgrade the CPU to a Core i5 I5-2500K .

    Does anyone know what the mobo will cost? and the name of it. :)
  6. You'll need a LGA1155 motherboard, in particular one with the P67 chipset, because the P67 chipset is the only chipset for that CPU that allows for CPU overclocking. The prices on LGA1155 motherboards should be in the $100-$250 range depending on how many features you want. I can't recommend a particular LGA1155 motherboard at the moment. I would advise asking around here on the forums when they are re-released as to which one is best for your needs and budget.
  7. Will this one do: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe?
  8. like jprahman said u need to see a few things before you attempt to purchase anything.

    1. What socket your motherboard supports
    2. What heatsink fans will work on that socket
    3. Whats the best heatsink fan i can find for the price range
  9. ASUS P8P67 Deluxe

    .. Will this functions? COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 PLUS S works with the mobo, and the mobo is a LGA1155, with 67 chipset?
  10. The P67 chipsets are all flawed. If you can buy a P67 board it still is a broken one and will need to be replaced. Wait until April when the fixed boards will hit the market and stick with the 2500K. You will not be disappointed.
  11. Yes, that looks like a good motherboard. Plenty of features, SLI and Crossfire support. There's also the P8P67 EVO which has a similar feature set and is slightly cheaper.
  12. It's not as if the entire motherboard is broken, the issue that I mentioned earlier that prompted the recall is that the four SATA II ports on the chipset can degrade over time. The two SATA III ports still function perfectly fine, and that board also has two SATA III ports provided by the Marvell controller that are also unaffected, so if you don't need more than four drives you'll be fine.

    Despite that I agree that it would be best to wait until April when the fixed boards are released.
  13. So far:

    ASUS gtx 560ti 1gb
    ASUS P8PB7 Evo
    Intel Core i5 2500k
    Cooler master hyper 212 Plus
    Ram undecided
    PSU Doesn't need upgrading.

    Everything OK?
  14. Yep looking good. This or the 4GB kit of the same timings is great RAM. 7.6 WEI
  15. I haven't been able to find anyone in Denmark selling the above linked Ram :/

    Are these RAM really worth ordering from abroad? or are there others that are equally standard?
  16. No others will do fine. Corsair, GSkill , Mushkin , Kingston, Patriot. There are quite a few good brands.
  17. I'll find out which RAM to get, if/when I come to conclusion I'll be upgrading! I suppose RAM at 8gb. and 1333 mhz. From reasonable brand will do just fine :)

    Thank you all for taking your time in answering my questions and helping. much appreciated! Has certainly helped me!
  18. I feel the thread has gone a bit off coarse - I need help OC'ing my CPU the 8200 2,33 Ghz. The votlages are confusing. I've listed the main ones I can change in my BIOS. I need to know which one of them, it is I need to adjust.
  19. Glad we could help!
  20. GOOGLE or search the forums for a guide on you processor. Just keep your temperatures good... check with CPUz, and get PRIME 55 and Intel Burn Test. Once your clock is where you want it, and your happy run a test and check your temps...
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