Linksys WUSB54gsc version 2 won't work close to computer

I have a very bizarre problem. I want to stick my wifi card in my computer using a usb extension cord so that I don't have to worry about it getting knocked or having to plug it in all the time because it's a permanent kind of thing. But the only problem is that when my card is too close to my case or won't work. I cannot connect, it will not respond at all. It will list the wireless networks in range but I cannot connect. If I move the card an INCH or two away from my case the stupid thing is zipping along like normal. Does anyone have ANY clue what might be the problem here? I have NO idea. It has definitely stumped me.
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  1. Case may be giving off to much electrical radiation and it's killing the upload on the USB NIC
  2. i covered the cord and adapter in alluminum foil and tape and it blocks the interference that the MOBO is giving off. LOL now THATS modding for ya! =)
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