What's wrong with my processor?

So, my processor is by no means fancy, I bought it 4 years ago, and it's a Pentium D. It's a 3Ghz Dual Core. However, lately it's had VERY bad performance. And by this I mean with absolutely everything closed, my processor running at 30% usage.

What's going on? Have I fried it?
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  1. Look at what's using that 30% in taskmanager
  2. It's the 'System Idle Process' that's taking all the juice.
  3. System idle process is something else. Doesn't matter. Check again
  4. Hm, well I'm not sure now. I restarted my computer, and it's back to running at 1% at idle, but I've seen it do 30+% at idle many times, so it must be something that doesn't trigger on start up. I'll have to look after my PCs been on for a while I guess.
  5. Anyway, the idea is that the CPU is ok.
  6. Yeah, it's good to know. =)

    I've been doing live streams of games a lot lately, which is really hard on the processor, and I've been doing like 10 hours a day lately, and Pentium D runs reallllly hot (or I just fail at proper cooling :P) so I was worried I might've damaged it.

    Heh, still, can't wait to get my hands on an i7 system, saving for it now.

    Thanks for all the help everyone, I appreciate it.
  7. Download process explorer, it breaks it down much better, gives you a better idea of whats using those cycles
  8. All Pentium D are running really hot. If your Cpu will get too hot, your system will shut down.
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