Dell Dimension 5100 was rebooting randomly then black screen with beeps

I have a Dimension 5100 that would constantly reboot itself. Thought it was the CPU overheating so I replaced the factory fan and added a second one.

Then all of the sudden the computer beeps at me 1-3-2, which is the memory being not recognized/not there. Also diagnostic lights 3 and 4 are on, which point in the same direction. I have used 3 different ram sticks, one that was in it and 2 brand new ones and tried them in each memory slot one by one with the same results.

I tried switching the CMOS battery to no avail.

I removed all internal cards and drives leaving only the onboard video, hard drive and memory in place.... yeah you guessed it, same problem.

I am thinking the motherboard is done for. Since the computer rebooted itself even in BIOS after random number of seconds or minutes.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If I could give a penny for your thoughts I would.

Best Regards,

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  1. I think it's the power supply.
  2. evongugg said:
    I think it's the power supply.

    Thanks evongugg for the reply. I just changed out the PSU and still the same error (lights and beeps).

    I can't think of anything else that it could be but the MOBO.

  3. Try building outside the case with beeper, power, motherboard and CPU.
    Listen for beeps. Keep adding components.
  4. Please define "building outside" the case.
  5. Before going to the trouble of breadboarding the system, take a flashlight and inspect the motherboard for blown or bulging caps.
  6. Everything is intact.
  7. Just picked a Dell 5100 from a recycling drive. 4-2 beeps. Pulled the RAM and stuck a single 1gb PC2-4200 in. boots fine.
  8. ^ OLD POST!

    @JCunninglam - Please start a NEW post! Thanks! :)
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