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I am about the build a new pc.I have GA-EP35C--DS3R 1333MhzFSB,Intel E8400,2Gb HyperX 1066Mhx KH8500CL5 240,Gigabyte 8500GT 512MB-128Bit,Cooler Master T05 390W,DVDRW,for the right combination should I install Vista ultimate 32bit or 64bit?.This will be my only one that do all the work I can.What other things I may add,my budget is limited to $250.00.
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  1. it won't matter you only have 2GB of ram.

    if you have a $250 budget then get a 4770, a high-end 500w+ PSU, an extra 2GB of ram and a nice cooler.
  2. I may get additional 2Gb of rams but my case is just a month old and has 3 12cm fans in it.How can I get the most from this unit
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