AC Water Cooling Pump EMI

Hello, I am wondering if an AC electric fountain pump is safe to place within a computer. It emits a strong magnetic field that makes magnets twitch a foot away. Is this a problem, will it ruin my computer, my hard drives? Please some one help me! lol

This is the Pump.
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  1. Most of these pumps have very low head pressure...this wouldn't work well for a WC loop. And no...why would you put something that is basically an electromagnet next to your hard drives?

    The pumps designed for WC loops have high head pressure, which is needed with restrictive loops. Please read the info in the links below...
  2. Thanks for your reply. Im going to have to stay with the pump externally. Like you said, "[...] an electromagnet next to your hard drives." The pump has some pressure, it is able to pump through my very restrictive RASA, throught my radiator, and back to the res.
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