Need help choosing AMD 790GX Motherboard for HTPC

Can't decide between the Asus M4A78T-E vs. Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H motherboard (IGP ATI 3300, AM3, etc).

Not sure what is marketing hype, and what is real benefit. Need the board for HTCP; quiet, cool, stable, no overclocking.

The Asus vs Gigabyte appears in Asus' favor:
Phase Power: 8x1 -vs- 4x1
Asus also as AI Nap. Press the power button and the board goes into minimum power. Does Gigabyte have an equivalent?
Surge Protection: Asus only.

What else should I consider? Any reviews? Is Asus the real feature winner?


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  1. The Gigabyte is an 8x2 power phase board, Ultra durable 3 double the copper. I believe the sleep function with power button is pretty standard with most all brands at this level of board. While I don't believe any retailer is neccessarily better than another provides extensive reviews from their customers. While you have to ignore the reviewers stated skill levels you can gleen alot of information from these reviews.
  2. I have used Gigabyte for many years and never had any problems.
    My last build lasted 5 years, and at the end turn it to a NAS.
    Till lightning killed it.
    I thought I would try ASUS and all I had was crashes, and my fire wire never ever worked.
    And the Gigabyte never had that problem, and I tried all kinds drivers for Asus to worked for 3 years.
    I tried to correct that problem, and only in Linux & BSD it would have ass work, in windows it never worked.
    And as to a cool and quiet Gigabyte MOBO has all ways been the better choice in my case, for the ASUS all I had to put more fans on the cases just to keep then under 38 CEL.
    All the Gigabyte MOBOS and never went over 35 CEL., I have purchased 12 off then.
    This may a little bi est, but Gigabyte all run better for me, and I have used I will, MSI, Foxconn, DFI, ASUS.
    And in a few exceptions only the DFI & Foxconn have been as cool and reliable.
    Ho and I am more partial to AMD then Intel.
    And I use more Linux and Solaris then windows.
    Well hope this helps.
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