Best way to partition hard drives

Have IMac 27", I7, 8GB ram, 256GB SSD, 1TB HD, and an external 2TB HD.
Looking for information on the best way to load windows 7, options on different ways to partition hard drives so that the two operating systems get along without losing performance.
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  1. Should Windows7 go on the SSD or the 1TB?
  2. gurglegut said:
    Should Windows7 go on the SSD or the 1TB?

    On the SSD. You need to have an OS that can manage the TRIM command on (or using) the SSD, or the SSD slows down.

    To be fair, there are tools that you can use to trim / garbage collect the disk if you are using it with another OS, but I answered with the simplest case.
  3. You can use either disk for that. If the SSD is "occupied" by MacOS, you can use the other one for Win. That way, no need for partitioning.
    on the other hand, booting it from SSD will be faster.
    Keep in mind that Mac and Win use different filesystems. The "data" HDD will have to be partitioned as well, one for Mac usage and the other for Win (NTFS). If you go wth both OSes on the SSD (partitioned), you will need to partition the other HDD in order for it to work with both OSes. This is assuming that the MacOS is already on the SSD, of course.
    Same goes for the external HDD.
  4. Thank you and happy holidays
    Is there a resource for partitioning off the two drives (SSD n HDD) with the operating systems on the SSD and data on the HDD?
    Is there a resource on trim command for the SSD?
    I'm a carpenter, who knows just enough to get in trouble. Thanks for your time.
  5. That link I provided should have the steps to partition the SSD for both OSes.
    Once that is done, you can boot in either and use the Disk Management tools to partition the data HDD. I dont know MacOS, but in Windows you can use Control Panel> administrative tools> disk management and there you can manage the data HDD including partitioning, to your liking. Make sure after partitioning that you rename the partitions, so you know which one is which. Mac OS probably has a similar tool for managing disks. To get maximum benefit in MacOS, the HDD partitions used with it will be in Ext filesystem, whereas Win requires NTFS(better) or FAT (not so good).
    Windows 7 has native TRIM support, it should work well enough out-of-the-box.
    Good luck and take your time with it. It will be well worth it.
    Happy holidays to you, as well.
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