Using 20 pin PSU on 24 pin motherboard

Is it safe to use 20 pin PSU on 24 pin motherboard?
A guy who is fixing my pc said that it isn't safe and it might damage the motherboard. My Mobo is Biostar p4m900-m4.

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  1. Yes, it might. Depend son what components you have and how much power they need. I only used once a 20 pin PSU on a 24 pin motherboard just to test if you motherboard is working. I didn't know if the motherboard or psu was broken and only had a 20 pin psu.
  2. So its best to get a 24 pin PSU??
  3. Of course. Also you can find an adapter 20->24 pin but I suggest you should buy a decent psu.
  4. Nah i have researched that those adapters sucks so i rather get a decent psu
  5. What videocard do you have?
  6. Im using intergated graphic till i get one from that guy.
  7. Then you are ok. From what I remember, the 4 pin (11,12,23,24) are for more power hungry videocards (agp or pci-exp). So if you want to add a videocard, I suggest you buy a decent psu.
  8. What if i add a not that powerful video card? Do i still need a decent PSU?
  9. You didn't tell us what psu you have know. If you a decent psu now, it should be fine.
  10. AC input(47-63hz) : 100-127v/6a
    : 200-240v/4a
    DC output: +5v=25A , +12v=14A
    : +3.3V=18v , -12V=/0.8A
    +5V & +3.3V SHALL NOT EXCEED 165W
    +5V & +12V SHALL NOT EXCEED 218W
    it looks to me that i might have to get a better PSU if i really implant a videocard.
    Do i?
  11. Well if i don't implant one, do i still need to get one? or is my PSU able to support it?
  12. You need to replace that PSU. At best, it works fine, but is an older, inefficient design that probably also does not provide enough of its amperage on the +12V rail(s) where it is needed by a modern PC. At worst, it will overload and croak, taking your mobo and/or other parts with it.
    You don't need a powerful one, but you need a quality one. If the video card you decide to get does not need auxilliary power from the PSU (up to an ATI 4670 or nVidia 9500GT or "low-power" 9600GT), an Antec Earthwatts 380 would be sufficient. Use a 500W model for more demanding single video cards. If you cannot get, or don't want Antec, other good brands include Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, and Enermax.
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    Late post. Yes, you need to replace it.
  14. Wad if i get a higher Watts like maybe 800w? Does it damage my mobo?
  15. Is too much. No it will not damage anything but is no point buying a psu so powerful. Now depends what videocard you want to buy. Anyway a 450-500 PSU like Corsair, it will more than fine.
  16. Thanks for the info
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