Can I overclock this CPU safely?

Hi i'm wondering if my CPU is going to be okay with overclocking.
AMD Anthlon II x3 450 CPU

I have an aftermarket cooler that is a complete beast. As of now it keeps it at 17 degrees C at idles and i dont think it really goes past 30 degrees C during graphic instensive games. I'm pretty sure I will be fine, but I just really want to make sure as this is my first time doing this. Also, it would be cool if you could give me an estimate as to what i could probably get it up to safely. Thanks so much!
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    definitely if you have a good cooler... when over clocking, heat is your main concern, and stability being number 2. Its about finding the right ratio between the two of those. Search the forums and you should find a good guide for overclocking your processor
  2. Okay, sweet! Thank you very much.
  3. yeah get cpuz , and prime 55. After you overclock and make it into windows fine, then u wanna run prime 55 stress test. You will want to start standard and then do it higher and higher stress levels to make sure your setup is super stable then your good. Make sure you monitor the temps in cpuz and check around for the proper ones for your processor. Every processor can handle different temperatures, so ull need to know yours... Once your stable and your temps are still good, take your cpu higher until the temps are borderline then adjust to better suite the temps and stability. WATCH THE TEMPS !!! :) you need a balance between high clock and low heat
  4. Awesome, thank you so much for your help! Any tips for the actual overclocking of the processor?
  5. no i am i7 all the way and wouldnt know the first thing about overclocking AMD. I only buy Intel... but if you search through the forums here you should be able to find a good guide ... or google it and that would also be helpful ... Every board and processor overclock differently so the settings you see on some one elses setup may not work for you but it will be a good starting point, for you to get an idea of where youll need to go and what you need to do ... and select a best answer :)
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