Comfortable/safe temps for 2600k OC?

Computer in sig, but I'm using an i7-2600k with a cooler master hyper 212+ in push/pull configuration and an asus p8p67 pro mobo. Right now I'm sitting at 4.3ghz OCd and temps never ran above 64-65 celsius.

1.) What are safe temps for an i7 2600k OCd?

2.) where can I find an up to date guide for a sandy bridge/asus p8p67 OC guide?

3.) what are some good benchmarking tools out there? as of now all I've used are passmark for actual benchmarking.

Thanks in advance!
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    Max safe per core temps are 98ºC. The CPU will start auto-throttling in the low 90sºC to keep from damage by heat -- I have verified this by deliberately overclocking and over-volting too far.

    To get accurate temps, you should use a program like Core Temp that gives you the temps for each individual core.

    As far as "comfortable" temps go, that's a personal choice. I limit myself to 75ºC peak temps at full IntelBurnTest load (using Maximum setting) on my Sandy Bridge processor.

    A good guide for ASUS P8P67 overclocking.

    For benchmarking and stability testing I use FurMark, 3DMark11, Cinebench 11.5, MSI Kombustor (packaged with MSI Afterburner graphics card overclocking utility), HD Tune, PassMark PerformanceTest, and SiSoft Sandra.
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  3. Thanks for all the info! Should be a fun week testing all this out! Thanks much!!!
  4. I'm running a "z68 Asus pro thingy mobo" with a "2600k" and "coarsair H80" in a "coolermaster silencio" case. I put it together last night so haven't had much time to really test it.

    on a stress test with all 8 workers it reads about 65 with the cooler se to low, and about 59 with the cooler set to high.

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