Noob Liquid cooling Need a parts guide

i need a basic parts list for complete water/liquid cooling system.

I want it to cool everything :

*RAM (if possible)

if someone could put together a good parts list that eliminate the need for case fans that would be great ...
I am looking to drastically drop my temps ... My cpu is idling in the high 40's and max at 80c with a 4.0 overclock, with corsair hydro 50 heatsink. I would like this to go down at least 10c...
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  1. 1) no to NB, SB, RAM or MOSFET blocks.
    2) no to HDD blocks
    3) watercooling, in fact, requires MORE case fans. You need the ones for normal airflow as well as additional fans for the radiators.

    Please read the links in my signature. All of these topics (and 100's more) are discussed with great detail.

    If you are seeing 80C load temps on your CPU now, and 'hope it can go down 10C' then you haven't done much watercooling research at all. You should see mid 40's C at load if you do it right.

    What is your budget? What CPU and GPU?
  2. no i havent done any home work on this yet thats why i am asking ....

    * i have an i7 930 2.66 oced to 4.0
    * gpu is evga 460 gtx 786mb
    ( probably going to upgrade to the 2gb model of 460 gtx)

    *my budget = dont have one .... i usually buy parts over time of like 2 or 3 months that way it breaks the cost down and i can keep my current cooling setup until then...

    *Right now i am upgrading harddrives, my mobo, and then maybe my card, and after that i am going to look into getting a liquid setup..

    *Also i have the Cooler Master HAF932 that has 3 240mm fans, 1 x 140mm and the 80 mm or stock for Corsair hydro 50 and the fans are kinda loud and i leave my pc on alot thats why i was asking about the case fans
  3. If you don't have a budget, then you can get some better gear. Look at spending $300+ for a GOOD CPU+GPU loop. You will still need case fans, so maybe the ones you currently run are loud and should be replaced. High CFM fans are typically if they blow a ton of air, that's a good could always use these on your rads if you wanted to replace your case fans.

    There are people that run the XSPC Rasa 360 kit with a 3x120 rad for a CPU+GPU loop and have decent success. The pump isn't the best ever, and I wouldn't recommend running it in higher restriction loops...such as adding another GPU and/or another rad. There is also a new line of EK kits out, but not much is known about them other than the blocks...they appear to use a Jingway pump from what I can tell.

    It really all depends on what you want to spend money on and how much. You could easily get into several hundred dollars for any loop...or you can go as budget-friendly as possible. Understanding what you want to do is a huge piece of the puzzle.
  4. To drop 10C, you don't need a water cooled rig. Here's test results from BMR using the following heat sinks w/ a 113 cfm Delta fan

    Thermaltake Jing 69.7
    Corsair H50 68.1
    Coolit Vantage A.L.C.
    Corsair H70 64.7
    Coolit ECO A.L.C. 64.3
    Cooler Master V6 GT 59.5
    Prolimatech Super Mega 59.4
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 58.7

    Thermalright Venomous X 58.0

    Did you perform voltage optimization after doing your OC ? We dropped 10C by lowering my son's 920 Vcore to 1.1125

    You can also drop a lot of temp by disabling HT.
  5. Watercooling gets you in the mid-40's C at load...
  6. if its only gunna be around 300 i am definately interested ... i watched all the videos and it looks pretty straight forward ... is it possible to use car radiator fluid instead of water for better cooling ? just curious... and thats an asus guide i have an EVGA board so i am not sure that will work ... but i am definately intrigues with idea of throwing it down for a good cooling setup ....

    So Parts are :

    1. CPU BLOCK
    2. GPU BLOCK
    3. 360 RAD
    4. RES
    5. PUMP
    7. 12 BARBS/and or Compression fittings ( optional )
  7. recommended parts list ? or vendors ? and do i have to buy all the barbs seperate ? and the case fans i currently have are loud but by that i mean i want it completely silent lol so there fine to keep
  8. Barbs or fittings...some blocks come with them, some don't. You'll want to match them up with the tubing size you want to run...1/2"ID, 7/16"ID or 3/8"ID is most commonly used.

    Parts list: The XtremeSystems link has a lot of information for the blocks, pumps and rads out there today. Again, it depends on where you want to start and what you want to run in your loop.

    Skip antifreeze. There are other coolants you could run that are made for watercooling...just be aware that none will cool better than regular water, and some can potentially break down and clog your loop.
  9. so ok distilled water is the best thing to use .... and i would be looking to cool my chipset as well whats a good 360 rad that would cool the cpu/gpu/chipset ?
  10. Chipset, you are meaning NB, correct?

    It would be fine, but you won't benefit from adding it to your loop. In reality, it will likely drop your flowrate which could cause a slight temp increase over not having it in the loop.
  11. i gotcha ... so do i need to do my gpu if i am not over clocking it ?
  12. That's up to you. At load, you prob see high 70's -80's C on that GPU. I have both of my SLI 260's on water and I never see them above 45C at load. They often idle in the mid/high 30's depending on ambient temps.
  13. If noise is a problem either invest in a sound dampening case like the Fractal Define R4 or R5 I own the R4 and its awesome even tho I am getting a non sound dampening case to replace it.

    But my best advice is to replace all your fans with noctua fans, I never understood why people rant and rave about them till I invested in 3 of them and immediately redid my entire system with them they are super powerful and super quite. I know its not advice on water cooling but just speaking from my experience with noise and computers.
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