just bought a 3rd drive...but it's not showing up in computer or disk managment...however it does show up in device manager...had this problem before but cant remember

think I need to format it, but how?
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  1. Please mention your OS version.
    In device manager, is there a yellow exclamation point or a red x next to it? These would indicate driver problems. Otherwise, I would expect the drive to show up in the Disk Management tool under the Control Panel.
    You might try the excellent free version of the utility Partition Manager from EASUS.
    Let me know what these two probes show you.
  2. Are you sure it's not showing up in Disk Management? It won't appear in the TOP of the middle pane until it's been partitioned and formatted - but it should show up in the BOTTOM of the middle pane (you may have to scroll the middle pane down to see it). Right-click on it to create a volume (partition it) and format it - that will assign a drive letter and then it will appear in the top part of the pane and in Windows Explorer.
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