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Wasn't sure where to post this but this seems like a good spot.

I'm having an interesting issue with graphics, particularly about 5-10 minutes into gameplay the game will freeze for roughly 10-15 seconds and then i get some interesting textures showing up. my first thought was to clean out the dust in my GPU and CPU HSF, but they were clean as a whistle. I also monitored temps using riva tuner and ati tool. My GPU isn't getting above 80 degrees (I'm using an 8800GTX) on a full load so im certain temps are fine. I've also manually re-installed drivers, and then rolled them back (i appologize but cannot remember the drivers i rolled back to but the current ones are 185.85 nvidia standard fare) and finally, a reformat. But STILL i'm getting this artifacting/texture what the hellness as you can see here:

No other problems occur whatsoever, except for gameply. Anyone have any ideas i may be missing?
Thanks ahead of time!
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  2. not being a wow player myself im guessing that tree should have normal looking leaves etc?

    turn off AF in your graphics card settings (could also try hitting the reset to defaults button)
  3. Is it only in that game or does it occur in other titles?
  4. Possible memory went bad on card.
  5. montyuk: i tried running it with AF, and then AA set to off to no avail. No luck with default settings, or everything cranked down either.

    mousemonkey: this issue has come up with all games, and looks similar between them. i have posted a Crysis SS

    i ran some 3Dmark 06 benchmarks today and there was no artifacting whatsoever during the initial run, although i did turn on AF and AA and the screen went black and i lost all functionally and had to reboot.

    I also ran Directd and DirectDraw tests using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool although there were no errors.

    The good news is that this has finally given me enough motivation to start my next build, although i still would like to try and gett his fixed to make this computer a shuttle for my TV. Thank you all for the replies, any other ideas?
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